Window-Film Sticking Machine
Envelope's Window-film Sticking Machine

Envelope's Window-film Sticking Machine

Window-Film Sticking Machine
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Envelope window film sticking machine is suitable for sticking plastic film on envelope's window or disc paper bag's window, as well as for sticking non-woven fabrics or foil paper on envelope paper.
It can load paper without stopping the machine, adjust the length of film by stepless variator easily, glue automatically and evenly.

Applicable paper 80-150g/m2
Working speed 6000-12000pcs/h
Specification of envelop 370x480-100x175mm
Film's size 55x30-130x180mm
Film thickness 0.03-0.08mm
Total power 5.5kw
Weight of machine 1800kg
Dimensions of machine 2300x1050x1450mm

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