Jimmy Lollipop

About Jimmy Lollipop

Hi, we are Suzon Graphic Designer and Clément UI Designer, the founders of Jimmy Lollipop. We met in early 2021 and discovered that we had the same passion for design and also the same problems with design. This is where it all begins.

What is Jimmy Lollipop?

Our goal is to help you: designers, marketers, developers and all other creators find graphic resources to speed up your design process. We’ve worked thousands of times on UI kits, guidelines, illustrations, slides deck, icon kits, mobile apps, websites or email templates. We’ve encountered the same problems over and over again, that’s why we’re giving you our solutions now. Check out our resources or blog posts to give your work a boost and avoid common designer problems.

  • We craft design and graphic resources to speed up your workflow
  • We design modern and minimalist products, clean and ready to use
  • We focus on solving design problems

How can Jimmy Lollipop help me?

You have access to assets you can use to build and illustrate your next projects, slides, ebooks, website… Our graphic assets come in multiple files, if you don’t have a design tool don’t worry. You will have access to sources files and the .png or .svg when available.

  • Your opinion matter: we listen to our community
  • You can easily contact us, asking for update or help
  • You already use the same tool than use: Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Procreate…

How can I use your product?

Once you own a product you can modify it as you wish, customize it with your colors or add the logo of your compagnie for example. It can also be use on an unlimited number of projects.

  • Customize & modify products as needed
  • Use it on commercial projects
  • Use it on personal projects

Do you provide refunds?

We only refund if you cannot use the file you purchased. There is no refund or credit if you have changed your mind about a product.

I’ve lost my product, how can I download it again?

Log into your Gumroad account to access your library and recover your product.


If you want to contact us to talk about design, to give us feedback, to get custom illustrations or just to say hi you can find us on twitter or instagram.